About the Program

Welcome to the SumUp Consultant Programme

As a SumUp Consultant you will sell card readers and get rewarded with a commission, which increases with your sales volume. 

First, you will start as an Accelerator trying to ascend to be a Disruptor by selling 10 or more readers per month. As an Accelerator you will earn a fixed commission per reader type that spreads from 30-50 GBP per device. 
With the tenth sold reader within a month you reach the Disruptor stage and your commission on all sold devices jumps immediately to 50-100 GBP per card reader. 
Within the Disruptor stage you can further increase your commissions per reader by reaching higher levels. Get more detailed information about our commission model here

Happy Selling!

About SumUp

At SumUp we want to make technology that anyone can use, so our merchants can get on with what they do best and be successful doing so - whether our merchants are brewing coffee or fixing cars.

We are the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe. We started out 6 years ago and built our payment service from scratch to shake up the industry and wake up the entrepreneur within anyone. We created a unique device that with the smartphone that’s in your pocket, allows small merchants to accept card payments anywhere.

Traditional offerings leave out small businesses, we don’t.

From our paperless onboarding to taking the first payment, we make it easy. We are open and honest about our pricing and have no hidden fees.


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